Compliance Tests

The recordkeeper performs the following core tests to determine that your plan satisfies certain annual qualification and non-discrimination requirements:

- Eligibility Verification/Calculation
- Employer/Forfeiture Allocation Calculation
- HCE/Key Employee
- 416 Top-Heavy
- Age 50 Catch-up
- 402(g) Excess Deferrals
(monitored and tested annually)
- 401(k)/401(m) Non-Discrimination Testing
- 403(b) Testing if applicable
- 415(c) Annual Additions Testing
- 410(b) Coverage Testing

Form 5500 Services

IRS Form 5500, including all supporting schedules and Summary Annual Report (SAR), will be provided for annual filing with the Department of Labor (DOL). The annual Form 5500 filing information is used to determine whether a retirement plan has met the necessary compliance requirements each plan year. The Form 5500 and supporting schedules are delivered through the Plan Service Center (PSC) website in a format that will facilitate DOL electronic filing requirements.

Additional Compliance Services

The recordkeeper prepares key regulatory and audit reports, including:

- Assistance to auditors on large filers - Schedule H
- Preparation/Mailing of IRS Form 5558 Extension Filing
- IRS Form 5330 Excise Tax reporting
- Summary Annual Report
- Reconciliation of conversion assets
- Auditing
(including SSAE-16 -formerly referred to as SAS 70, annual summary, and certification of assets)